Subject of the terms, field of application.

1.1 The present terms define the participation and the use of on-line games and the additional range of services, provided by the company “ABISAP LTD” and the relevant to them services.

1.2 In case a user logs on or registers in the website of “ABISAP LTD” (www.11vs11.com), the present contract is considered to be in effect, as well as that the user has unconditionally accepted the terms included hereunder in total.

1.3 “ABISAP LTD” provides its on-line games and the additional range of services within the framework of its technical and operational capabilities on an average annual availability of 99,9 %. This percentage does not include periods of time during which the use of on-line games and the additional range of services is interrupted or affected due to compelling technical reasons or because of required maintenance work. In such a case “ABISAP LTD” shall not be considered liable whatsoever according to the present terms.

1.4 “ABISAP LTD” preserves the right to continue the development, renovation, improvement and adaptation of its on-line games and the additional range of services without previously notifying the user. In accordance to that the user has the possibility to participate in any on-line game and the additional range of services solely in their respective version provided at a time.

1.5 The on-line games and the additional range of services offered by “ABISAP LTD” are intended solely for entertainment purposes. The use for business or commercial purposes is prohibited.

1.6 The user is responsible to maintain its software and hardware up-to-date, appropriate and compatible.

1.7 In addition to the present terms, existing rules for individual games apply equally, if any. The latter govern exclusively the participation in the specific game thereof. In case of conflict between the present terms and the specific rules of each game,the present terms prevail. For individual on-line games, especially for versions and/or components of on-line games and the additional range of services offered on “ABISAP LTD’s” internet pages, specific rules may also apply. In such an occasion there will be distinct information of the user for the different terms of use governing these applications.

1.8 In case an individual on-line game and/or a service is provided by “ABISAP LTD” in cooperation with a third party, the user has the opportunity to seek in relation to these applications the possibilities and the services offered by “ABISAP LTD’s” contractors. In this case the present terms are complemented by the special terms of participation and use of the particular applications, to the extent that the latter are not excluded entirely by the present terms. In case of conflict, the special terms prevail. In every such case there will be separate information of the user regarding the special terms and conditions of those applications, as well as the duration of the cooperation. The user preserves the right of previous notice for a forthcoming expiry or termination of the cooperation.

1.9 “ABISAP LTD” preserves the right, without prior notice of the user, to change, alter, complement the present terms and/or add or remove certain provisions at its own discretion. Terms that deviate from the present, are put in effect and apply against every user only after they are accessible to everyone on the internet gateway of “ABISAP LTD” (see in detail clause 13).

Entering into contract

2.1 Registration of the user is a prerequisite for the use of on-line games and the additional range of services.

2.2 Registration is allowed solely to adult natural persons. Registration is allowed only to individuals (no groups, families, life partners etc.). In case the user is a minor, the completion of the registration form is considered as an irrebuttable presumption in favour “ABISAP LTD”, that the minor has received previous consent from its legal guardians. “ABISAP LTD” shall not be considered liable for the access of minors to data including contents addressed to adults.

2.3 Upon registration, the user must declare a player’s name and a valid e-mail address. The user cannot demand the provision of a certain user’s name, whereas strict priority date will be kept among the applicants for the provision of a particular user name. The player’s name may not have an illegal or immoral content, infringe established rights of third parties, violate personal data, offend or insult anyone or offend moral principles. Among others, the user is not allowed to choose as a user name an e-mail address, web address or a domain name. The user ensures that the declared data is current, actual, correct and complete and is in a position to verify them whenever asked.

2.4 Registration is carried out personally. Registration through third parties, especially a third party that registers individual people at several teleservice providers (registration services and/or entry services) is not permitted.

2.5 A confirmation message sent via e-mail to the user’s declared e-mail address confirms a successful registration to the internet gateway of “ABISAP LTD”. This message contains a link through which the user may activate its user account simply by clicking on the relevant activation link. After the user’s account activation, a valid contract of indefinite term is put in force between the user and “ABISAP LTD” according to the present terms. In case that for any reason the registration procedure deviates from the aforesaid procedure, the user will be previously adequately informed by a confirmation message. “ABISAP LTD” cannot unjustifiably deny registration of any user, provided that its compliance with the present terms is beyond doubt.

2.6 Upon its successful registration, the user acquires a personal user account, which the user has exclusive right to manage. The user may create a sole user account. The user account created on the internet gateway of “ABISAP LTD” may be used for every other on-line game linked to the internet gateway of “ABISAP LTD”. The opposite does not apply, thus a user account created on the gateway of one and sole on-line game may not be used by the same user for other on-line games.

2.7 Each user account is principally non-transferable and cannot be transferred without prior explicit consent from “ABISAP LTD”.

Right to renege-Instructions to exercise such right.

3.1 Every user, after its successful registration, has a right to renege from the present contract, without cause, within ten (10) working days from the reception date of the confirmation message (see above clause 2.5). The right to renege can be exercised with any expedient means (through sending a letter, a fax message, e-mail), as long as it leaves no doubt about the user’s expressed will. The deadline to renege cannot begin whatsoever before the conclusion of the contract, which is completed upon the user’s reception of the confirmation message. Moreover, the deadline cannot commence in any case before the information obligation that “ABISAP LTD” is under, pursuant to article 4 par. 10 of Law 2251/1994 is met. The right to renege can be exercised by sending a letter to the following address: Athalasis 38, Office 102, Strovolos, 2019, Lefkosia Cyprus. In any case, the user preserves the right to render its account inactive or delete it, without prior notice to “ABISAP LTD” and without its prior approval.

User’s obligations

4.1 User’s data

4.1.1 Upon the user’s registration on the internet gateway of “ABISAP LTD” required personal data must be declared (name, surname, address, e-mail address etc.). “ABISAP LTD” considers as a fact that the declared data is current, actual, correct and complete.

4.1.2 The user is obliged to promptly inform “ABISAP LTD” of any change regarding its personal data, as registered during its registration, in particular in case of changes regarding its e-mail address. Furthermore, the user is obliged to confirm to “ABISAP LTD” its data accuracy, whenever asked to do so.

4.2 Log-in data, user name, password

4.2.1 The term user’s “log-in data” means all the letters and/or digits and/or number sequences consisting the exclusive and personal user name, the password and the entrance codes, which are being used for the user’s identification and the exclusion of unauthorized third parties. The password must differ from the user name and include a numbers’ and letters’ combination comprising of at least six (6). digits.

4.2.2 The user is obliged to store in a safe place all of its data pertaining to its log-in data and especially its user name, the password and the entrance codes, so as to prevent unauthorized use from third parties. The user’s log-in data regards solely the web pages offered by “ABISAP LTD” and its log-in to the on-line games and the additional range of services provided by “ABISAP LTD”.

4.2.3 In case the user has reasons to believe that a third party has or has the potential to have access to its log-in data without its permission, it must inform “ABISAP LTD” at once and alter its log-in data or request from “ABISAP LTD” to change it on its behalf. In such a case, or in case it is considered that the log-in data may be used for illegal purposes, “ABISAP LTD” preserves the right to temporarily interrupt the user’s access under the specific user name and the respective password. The use of the log-in data in question will be permitted over again to the user once confirmed that there is no suspicion of improper use.

4.2.4 The user has no right whatsoever to use the log-in data of another user, unless it concerns an exception permitted by the rules of each game.

4.3 Use of “ABISAP LTD” internet pages and its content

4.3.1 “ABISAP LTD” internet pages contain all kinds of data, which are protected by established trademark rights and intellectual property rights in favor of “ABISAP LTD” or for the benefit of third parties pursuant to articles 1, 2, 14, 15 and 18 and the following of Law 2239/1994, articles 9 and the following of Directive 40/94/EC on Community Trade Mark (CTMR) and articles 42 and the following of Law 2121/1993. Unless explicitly permitted by the present terms, the user is not entitled to edit, copy, distribute, publicly reproduce “ABISAP LTD” internet pages or available individual parts thereof or use them for advertising purposes or deviate whatsoever from the purposes as described in the present contract. It is only permitted the technically necessary reproduction for the purposes of browsing as well as the permanent reproduction solely for private use. Offenders will be prosecuted under the relevant civil and penal provisions.

4.3.2 The term “data” includes all images, text, graphics, heroes and the environment of each on-line game, music, sounds, sound sequences, videos, software programs and program codes, all projects, creations and information in general, which “ABISAP LTD” provides through its internet pages. The term “data” also includes the additional range of services provided for downloading.

4.3.3 “ABISAP LTD” explicitly and expressly declares that does not hold any legal license for the use, administration or exploitation of the names, official badges, emblems, colours and the rest distinguishing marks of any national football team or football club whatsoever, neither possesses any such material of the respective football associations, for example of the Hellenic Football Federation (E.P.O.), Fédération Internationale de Football Association (F.I.F.A.), Union of European Football Associations (U.E.F.A.), etc. Furthermore, “ABISAP LTD” does not hold any legal license for the use, administration or exploitation of the official badges, emblems, logos, distinguishing marks and the mascots of any league, tournament or cup between national teams or clubs in Greece or worldwide (Superleague, English Premier League, Champion’s League, Euro, World Cup etc.) whatsoever. Moreover, “ABISAP LTD” does not possess any legal license for the use, administration or exploitation of the name, jersey number or general profile of any football player, Greek or foreign, who participates in any national championship around the world whatsoever. Finally, “ABISAP LTD” does not own any legal license for the use, administration, or exploitation of the badges, logos, distinguishing marks of sporting goods companies, in particular of brand names in the football field, or other sports (Adidas, Nike, Puma etc.) whatsoever. In light of the above, “ABISAP LTD” shall not bear any responsibility for the misuse from any user of any of the aforementioned material or elements and every user upon the unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions, releases in advance “ABISAP LTD” of any legal or actual responsibility for illegal use or infringement of any kind of the lawful holders’ (teams, federations, players, etc.) rights hereof. In addition, the user bears sole and exclusive responsibility for the use, administration or exploitation on his part of any official badge, distinguishing mark, name, etc. such as the ones described above, during his participation in the on-line game 11Vs11.

4.3.4 The user is obliged to abstain from any measure and/or procedure, which may compromise or interrupt the functioning of “ABISAP LTD” internet pages or of individual services provided on them, as well as to abstain from using data, for which access to the user is denied. The retrieval and use of the provided services may only take place in such a manner, that the use of “ABISAP LTD” internet pages and its content by other users is not affected anyhow. The transfer of data or software that may affect the recipients’ hardware or software is prohibited.

4.3.5 Any use of “ABISAP LTD” internet pages for commercial and especially advertising purposes requires prior written consent from “ABISAP LTD”.

4.3.6 The user is not entitled to publish text or records of any content on “ABISAP LTD” internet pages.

4.3.7 The use of “ABISAP LTD” internet pages through an anonymous service that is hiding the true IP address of the user is not permitted.

4.4 Links

4.4.1 It is permitted to establish a link on “ABISAP LTD” web pages to the extent that it only serves as a cross reference and only after previous written consent by “ABISAP LTD”. However, “ABISAP LTD” preserves the right to recall the given consent whenever and without prior notice. It is not allowed to include or present “ABISAP LTD” web pages or their content via a hyperlink in a partial window (frame).

4.5 Use of Client-Software

4.5.1 In case of a service, which requires the prior installation of a client software, “ABISAP LTD” grants the user the non-exclusive right to download and use the client software during the validity of the registration. A duplication of the client software is permitted to the user, only to such extent as is required for the use of client software program as permitted by this contract. Any form of commercial use of the software is strictly prohibited. Any change of the client-software as well as retranslation of the entrusted program codes into another code form (decompilation) as well as other ways of reversing manufacture levels of the software (reverse-engineering) are prohibited, unless permitted by law.

Specific terms for the use of on-line games

5.1 The user is allowed to have one account per game round (i.e. world, universe, level), unless game rules of a particular game explicitly state otherwise. The use of several user accounts is in principle not permitted. In case the user is already participating in a specific game round with one user account, then during the respective game round the user does not have the right to participate by changing its personal data. In case of violation of the above provision, the prior user account will be considered valid towards “ABISAP LTD”. Such multi-user accounts can be deleted or banned by “ABISAP LTD” at any time and at its sole discretion.

5.2 The user is prohibited from any manipulative interference in the on-line game. In particular, the user has no right to use any measures, mechanisms or software that could interfere with the function or the course of the game. The user may not use means, which could cause unreasonable or excessive overloading on the technical capacity. The user is not allowed to block, overwrite or modify contents generated by the game administration or to interfere in any other fashion with the game whatsoever.

5.3 Moreover, access to the on-line game (including all individual pages) is denied to the user through other programs, besides the internet browser or the client program that has been provided. This concerns in particular the so-called bots and other tools destined to replace or supplement the web interface. Scripts and completely or partially automated programs are also prohibited that provide the user with an advantage over other users. This includes auto-refresh functions and other integrated internet browser mechanisms, to the extent it includes automated operations.

5.4 The user may under no circumstances:
a) create or use cheats, mods and/or hacks, and any other third party software that may change the result of the on-line games,
b) use software that allows “data mining” or otherwise intercepts or collects information in connection with the on-line games,
c) use outside of on-line games, buy for “real” money or sell or swap virtual items that are used in on-line games.
This includes all evasions, similar actions that match in their effect the aforementioned prohibitions.

5.5 The application of advertising suppressing measures is prohibited. It is immaterial whether advertising is deliberately suppressed or generally blocked e.g. by so-called Pop-Up-Blockers, or similar.

5.6 Log-in is only permitted on the homepage of each on-line game and the “ABISAP LTD” portal page. The automated opening of the user accounts, regardless of whether the homepage is displayed or not, is not permitted.

5.7 “ABISAP LTD” and authorized contractors of “ABISAP LTD” exclusively have all rights to items used in on-line games and virtual items provided under any terms. The user simply preserves the right of use for the virtual items, which is non-exclusive and is confined by the contractual duration. The agreements concerning intellectual property rights and the concession of trademarks’ use of third parties signed by “ABISAP LTD” bind the user accordingly.

Communication facilities on “ABISAP LTD” web pages. In particular discussion forums, chats, comments-prohibited content

6.1 “ABISAP LTD” provides the user with a variety of communication facilities and more specific, discussion forums, chats, blogs, guest books etc. for the purposes of commentary function for own content and entries on the “ABISAP LTD” internet pages, which may be used on the basis of their actual availability. “ABISAP LTD” holds the exclusive right to offer the respective technical capabilities for the exchange of information on its web pages. The user is not entitled to demand the provision of such facilities.

6.2 The user assumes sole responsibility for the validity, credibility, and the compliance with the law and moral principles of its published content and entries, thereby releasing “ABISAP LTD” entirely of any third party claims or lawsuits. “ABISAP LTD” bares no responsibility whatsoever for the content published by the user. The user concedes to “ABISAP LTD” the permanent, irrevocable and non exclusive right to make use of the contents and entries published by the user under the communication facilities provided on “ABISAP LTD” web pages. “ABISAP LTD” declares that it does not conduct active control of the published contents on a regular basis. However, it preserves the right to randomly monitor the content posted. The user has the right to inform “ABISAP LTD” for alleged published illegal, immoral, insulting etc. content. In case such a violation is confirmed “ABISAP LTD” is obliged to immediately delete the relevant content.

6.3 The user is not allowed to publish and/or reproduce and/or distribute on “ABISAP LTD” web pages, and particularly within the context of the communication facilities, texts and entries consisting of content which:
a) is illegal or offends moral principles,
b) infringes trademark rights of any kind, patents, utility or design patterns, intellectual property rights, the company’s confidentiality or other “ABISAP LTD” or third parties rights,
c) is indecent, racist, enkindles violence, is pornographic, dangerous or has a destructive nature,
d) is offensive, of an abusive or defamatory nature,
e) contains chain letters or pyramid schemes,
f) creates the false impression that has been created or is supported by “ABISAP LTD”,
g) publishes third parties’ personal data without the explicit consent of the person it concerns,
h) is commercial and particularly promotional in nature.

6.4 In particular to the extent that minor users are concerned and according to article 7A par. 1 of Law 2251/1994, the user is not allowed to publish and/or reproduce and/or distribute on “ABISAP LTD” web pages, and particularly within the context of the communication facilities, texts an entries consisting of content which:
a) causes insecurity or fear to minors,
b) agitates, directly or indirectly, violent behavior and particularly violence exercise,
c) insults human dignity,
d) encourages the adoption of behavior models, which do not abide by the moral and legal rules of modern society or are detrimental for the environment,
e) cultivates discriminations based on race, sex, religion, nationality or disability,
f) prompts to addictions and activities that are detrimental to minors themselves.

6.5 The inclusion of internet sites, companies or product names is only permitted when not carried out primarily for promotional purposes.

6.6 In case entries or texts of such content are detected, “ABISAP LTD” is obliged to immediately delete them fully or partially. Furthermore, “ABISAP LTD” preserves the right to permanently or temporarily exclude the users, which do not comply with the abovementioned terms from further use of its on-line games, web pages and the additional range of services.

Consequences of breach of the user’s contractual obligations

7.1 ABISAP LTD is not liable for any damage caused to the user himself or a third party sustained due to the user’s breach of any of its contractual obligations.

7.2 ABISAP LTD reserves the exercise of all its legal or contractual rights against the user in breach, as well as to take the following measures, especially in circumstances where the user is responsible for breach of legal provisions, third party rights, the present terms and conditions and/or any other complimentary applicable provisions and/or the terms of the games:
a) Total or partial deletion of contents,
b) User’s warning,
c) Publication of violating behavior on the web game where the behavior was evidenced with mention of the user’s name,
d) Temporary or permanent banning of the user from some or all of the web games and content of ABISAP LTD web-pages,
e) Temporary or permanent deletion of the user,
f) Temporary or permanent banning of the user from the entirety of ABISAP LTD offered services,
g) Implementation of temporary or permanent digital interim measures in the event of breach of paragraph 6, or
h) termination of the user’s agreement of use, without previous notice to the user.

7.3 In the event that a user is banned or is temporarily or permanently deleted, it cannot re-register without ABISAP LTD previous express approval to that effect. The user does not maintain a claim for the ban, the deletion, the digital interim or other measures to be lifted, mentioned in this paragraph.

Paid Use

8.1 Provided that nothing else is expressly provided, the use of the web games and other services located on the web pages of ABISAP LTD are free of charge.

8.2 The user may be requested to pay for specific offered services within the context of particular operations of the web games. In such event the user is separately notified for the paid use of these operations, especially for the operation of each service, the term during which such service shall be available, the exact monetary amount requested as well as the available methods of payment regarding the web games.

8.3 In the event that a minor wishes to make paid use of the operations, then, with reservation of the provisions of paragraph 2 of the present terms and conditions, it is assumed in favor of ABISAP LTD, that the minor has been provided with all necessary means for the paid use of the operation by its lawful guardian either exceptionally or for their free use.

8.4 The charges agreed from time to time are payable upon execution of the payment agreement. The collection of the payment is effected primarily by the provider having been appointed for the payment procedure, while collection of payment in case of periodic payments may be effected a few days earlier, so as to secure continuous use of the paid services. For the use of paid services additional terms of use may be applicable on behalf of the appointed provider apart from those included in these terms and conditions, for which the user will be fully notified prior to the payment of the requested amount and the use of the paid services.

8.5 The user undertakes, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of the present clause, that all information provided during the payment procedure (especially the bank account details, credit card number, etc.) are in full force and effect, true, accurate and complete.

8.6 The methods of payment may vary depending on the web game, the participant’s country and the technically available methods of payment existing in the market. ABISAP LTD maintains the right to change the methods of payment any time.

8.7 ABISAP LTD maintains the right to change the charges for intra game operations pursuant to the users’ express notification to that effect. The changes in the charges shall be effective upon posting of the new applicable charges in a visible place on the game’s web page, in a way that they are accessible to all actual and potential users. This includes ABISAP LTD right to decrease or increase charges for particular operations within a game and may also concern the future acquisition of operations within the game.

8.8 In the event that the user does not pay promptly the charges for the paid service, legal interest is applicable on the amount that by law is interest bearing as of the date the service was placed at the user’s disposal. In such case ABISAP LTD has the right to ban the user’s account, to demand additional remuneration and to postpone the use of the paid services, until the user pays the agreed price for the use of the paid service.

8.9 In the event that there are set-off charges or charges for annulment order applied against ABISAP LTD as a result of the user’s debt (including non adequate balance in the account), then the user is responsible for their repayment, along with all other applicable charges. ABISAP LTD may demand such cost and resulting charges through a new charge. If payment is effected via credit card, reverse charges are applicable up to 50 Euros per charge of credit card plus any banking charges that may be charged to ABISAP LTD. ABISAP LTD has the right to demand the payment of additional remuneration for any additional damage that it may sustain.

8.10 The user has a right of set-off, provided that ABISAP LTD counterclaim is non-appealable or has been acknowledged by ABISAP LTD or is non disputable. The user may allege a retention right provided that its claim derives from the present agreement.

8.11 It is expressly clarified that the money, credits and/or other instruments of payment used within the frames of a particular on-line game do not correspond or represent real money, neither can be changed into real money, but rather serve solely the purposes of transactions within the game containing them, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the specific rules of the game.

Limitation of liability

9.1 The user is directly and exclusively liable in case of breach of third party rights. The user is under an obligation to provide restitution to ABISAP LTD for any damage that the latter may sustain, for breach of its obligations, as these derive from the present terms and conditions. The user releases ABISAP LTD from any other users’ or third party claims against ABISAP LTD as a result of breach of their rights due to publication of contents by the user in breach or due to breach of other obligations. The user undertakes in such event to cover the necessary cost of ABISAP LTD legal coverage, which might include various costs related to litigation or extrajudicial settlements. The user is discharged from any liability, if damage is not due to its unlawful behaviour.

9.2 ABISAP LTD shall not be liable for any malfunctions or faults within the web, which are due to the web’s normal use and/or could not have been foreseen by taking prudent and diligent measures.

9.3 In case of loss of user’s data ABISAP LTD shall be liable in accordance with the present terms, only if such loss could not be averted by the user through the security measures provided by ABISAP LTD for the protection of data.

Term of the Agreement-User’s Account

10.1 The term of the agreement between each user and ABISAP LTD is of indefinite term, provided that no contrary provision exists in relation to a particular game or the offered service. The effective term of the agreement commences upon execution between the user and ABISAP LTD of the agreement, in accordance with clause 2 of the present terms.

10.2 The agreement may be terminated at any time by any of the contracting parties and such termination is valid immediately upon its receipt by the other party through any means, unless other more specific terms, which exclude the application of the present terms, provide otherwise. In the event that due to particular provisions the term of the agreement concerning participation in a particular web game or the use of an offered service has been set fixed, the agreement expires by termination or ipso jure by lapse of its contractual term. In such event there is an extension right pursuant to the parties’ new agreement to that effect or after its expiry. If the fixed term agreement is not terminated by either of the parties and if after the lapse of its contractual term the user continues to make use of the game or the offered service and ABISAP LTD and does not oppose to such use, then the agreement is considered as being transformed to one of indefinite term.

10.3 Reasons justifying termination of the agreement on behalf of ABISAP LTD shall indicatively and not exclusively be the following:
a) the user does not fulfill its obligation towards payment of the charges incurred and despite its notification to that effect it does not pay,
b) a behavior is monitored, which significantly influences the flow of the game of the other players,
c) cheat modes are used such as Cheats, Mods and/or Hacks, and any other program, tool, or code which can change the flow or the mechanism of the web game,
d) third parties are using the user’s account for participation in a web game, unless if exceptions are envisaged under the game’s terms and conditions,
e) the user is participating in an on-line game, playing through a third party’s account, or uses more than one user account for one web game, unless if exceptions are envisaged under the game’s terms and conditions,
f) the user makes use of virtual items, which are used in web games, outside the web games, so as to purchase or sell or exchange “real” money.
g) the user is responsible for breach of laws, breach of the present terms and conditions, complimentary provisions in force and/or rules of each game.

10.4 ABISAP LTD maintains the right to delete users’ accounts, provided that these remain inactive for a period of time more than fourteen (14) days In addition, ABISAP LTD maintains the right to delete users’ accounts, without their prior notification upon the lapse of the term of their agreement.

Protection of Personal Data

11.1 ABISAP LTD complies fully with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 regarding the protection of individual from processing of personal data, as in force, and has made all required notifications to the Personal Data Protection Authority, in accordance with article 6 of the law in question. The protection of the user’s personal data is in force and is applicable for all the services provided for through the web pages of ABISAP LTD, especially those that are accessible through the internet gateway of ABISAP LTD (www.11vs11.com), as well as through the web pages of any web games.

11.2 In case of interconnection of ABISAP LTD files to those of third parties (legal entities and/or natural persons), which may provide their services to the user through the web page or the internet gateway of ABISAP LTD, articles 8 and 9 of Law 2472/1997, are in force and apply, through which ABISAP LTD states that is in full compliance.

11.3 «Responsible Person for Data Processing» in the sense of Law 2472/1997 regarding personal data entered by the users in the web page and/or the internet gateway of ABISAP LTD is exclusively ABISAP LTD, with the reservation of the previous paragraph, so in the event of data processing by third parties (legal entities or natural persons), the responsibility for the maintenance of the personal data protection rules lies solely with these third parties.

11.4 ABISAP LTD as a «Responsible Person for Data Processing» in accordance with articles 11-13 of Law 2472/1997, has notified all potential users, during the process of personal data collection, of the company’s identity, of the purpose of their data’s processing, the recipients or the groups of recipients, who by virtue of their data processing, may have knowledge of such data, as well as the users’ continuous right to have access in the personal data inserted by them in accordance with the provisions of article 12 of Law 2472/1997. All inserted users’ personal data are provided to ABISAP LTD willingly and with their express consent to that effect. The user has the right, after expiry of its agreement with ABISAP LTD, to request at any time the deletion of the personal data from its data base.

11.5 Personal Data processing is confidential. It is exclusively effected through the persons who are under the control of the «Responsible Person for Data Processing» or the “Person effecting the data Processing” and only under its orders. ABISAP LTD is under an obligation to take all operational and technical measures for the security of the data and its protection from accidental or wrongful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited circulation or access and any other wrongful processing. ABISAP LTD secures and represents that all of its associates related to the personal data processing are individuals with corresponding professional qualifications, who provide warranties from a technical knowledge perspective and personal integrity for the maintenance of confidentiality. With the exception of the instance where the use of data is necessary for the prosecution of prohibited actions within the scope of the web services provided by ABISAP LTD, in principle this data remains in the company’s data base and is exclusively used for statistical purposes. Provided that it is feasible, this data remains anonymous.

In order for ABISAP LTD to formulate its web provisions in the best possible way, it uses and applies Cookies. Cookies are in principle deleted from the user’s hard disk upon completion of the user’s visit to the web pages of ABISAP LTD. The user may adjust its web browser in such a way so as not to allow Cookies in general. In such event it is possible that the use of ABISAP LTD web pages may not be feasible or may be limited for technical reasons.

11.6 User’s personal data processing is effected by ABISAP LTD only within the scope of the company’s objectives and in particular in relation to the user’s participation in the web games and other offered web services, excluding any other use and processing. ABISAP LTD uses the user’s personal data for the user’s exercise of its rights of participation in the web game and/or the other offered services, within the scope of its agreement with ABISAP LTD, as well as the payment procedure. Furthermore, provided that the user has granted its express consent during the registration stage (see clause 2), its data may be used by ABISAP LTD for its notification in relation to products, services and other offers, which might interest the user. In the event of such notification, the user shall be effectively notified of its right to cancel the e-mail service at any time. Finally, ABISAP LTD uses the user’s data, for the aversion of any undesired actions performed on its web pages and for the prosecution of possible non authorized connections.

11.7 Unless otherwise provided for by express legislative provision the sale, concession, notification and in general any transfer of personal data towards any third party is prohibited. Third parties have access to personal data, only if and to the extent necessary for the operation and provision of their services. Third parties are under an obligation to use the users’ data in accordance with clause 11 of the present terms and conditions regarding protection of personal data, as well as the provisions of Law. 2472/1997, and especially those of articles 8 and 9.

11.8 In the event that ABISAP LTD, a corporation owned by ABISAP LTD, its particular affiliate companies or business sectors of such companies are sold, then the data of its users, who are on its database, are by default transferred along with the transferred section of the business. Personal data in this event is subject to the limitations of clause 11 of the present terms and conditions, as well as the provisions of Law 2472/1997 regarding the protection of personal data.

Jurisdiction-Governing law

12.1 Any dispute arising between “ABISAP LTD” and any user regarding the interpretation, the implementation or the execution of their contractual obligations laid out in the present terms, is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens, unless the law provides otherwise or arbitration has been agreed between the parties for the settlement of their dispute.

12.2 Greek law is applicable.

Amendments of the present terms-transferability of the contract to third parties-communication

13.1 “ABISAP LTD” preserves the right to amend the present terms at any time, unilaterally. “ABISAP LTD” is obliged to inform the users immediately of any amendment of the terms at the time of their log-in to its internet page or to each on-line game and in any case no later than two weeks time before the amended terms are put into force. Alternatively, “ABISAP LTD” may inform the user via e-mail of the terms’ amendments and in any case should make sure that the amended terms are apparent and easily accessible on its web pages. The user declares unconditionally its acceptance of the amended terms, once logged-in again on “ABISAP LTD” internet page or on an on-line game after the amended terms are being put in effect.

13.2 The transfer of the user’s contract to a third party is prohibited. Exceptionally, and only in specific occasions, decided solely by “ABISAP LTD” and at its absolute discretion, may the user transfer its contract, as long as a written application is notified to “ABISAP LTD”, fully describing the reasons that justify such a transfer and only after a written consent is granted by “ABISAP LTD”. In this case, the third party bares under the contract the exact same rights and obligations as the transferor did, and the transferee’s contractual relationship with “ABISAP LTD” is governed by the exact same terms, rules and provisions, as the latter have been amended and applied within the contractual relationship between the transferor and “ABISAP LTD”.

13.3 Communication between “ABISAP LTD” and the user is normally effected through e-mail, unless provided otherwise. The user is obliged to check its registered e-mail address on a regular basis for possible messages from “ABISAP LTD”. “ABISAP LTD” is obliged to respond timely, depending on the gravity and the extent of the query, to all users’ questions and in any case no later than seven (7) working days from the receipt of the respective e-mail, which will be proved by an automated e-mail reply to the user’s e-mail address. In order for “ABISAP LTD” to deal promptly and effectively with the user’s application, the user, whenever communicating with “ABISAP LTD”, must fill in the required data on the respective communication form, provided on “ABISAP LTD” web page.

13.4 Any modification and/or repeal of some or of all of the present terms applies only to the extent that it takes place in written form and is posted on an apparent and easily accessible to the user spot, on “ABISAP LTD” internet page.

13.5 In case of conflict between individual terms and legal provisions or rules, current or future ones, the terms in question are considered not to be written and as a result non valid. The implementation of the rest of the terms is not affected and they continue to apply without the illegal provision. “ABISAP LTD” is obliged to replace immediately the illegal provision with a legal one.


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